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Welcome to the most comprehensive Vue course on Udemy!

The Vue Masterclass introduces you to the powerful VueJS library for building dynamic, reactive front end interfaces.

VueJS has taken the web development community by storm and is a fantastic technology to learn in 2022:

  • Vue has been used to built over 1,000,000 websites
  • Vue has over 200,000 stars on GitHub
  • Vue downloads on NPM have doubled year-over-year
  • Vue is used by leading tech companies like Netflix, Apple, GitLab, and Nintendo.

The best way to learn a technology is to create something with it. That’s why the Vue Masterclass consists of a complete real-world project that we’ll build together from scratch. I’ll be coding alongside you from the very first line of code.

I believe this course is the closest I’ve come to capturing what it feels like to be a Vue developer on the job. We’ll introduce and complete user stories, discuss tradeoffs of different technical approaches, summarize what we’ve learned at the end of each section, and more.

No prior experience with Vue (or any other front end library) is needed. Beginners are welcome.

The course starts with Vue basics and progresses to advanced Vue concepts including:

  • Creating Vue components
  • Styling Vue components
  • Using Vue directives to compose dynamic interfaces
  • Passing props between components
  • Emitting events
  • Routing our user from page to page
  • Testing Vue components
  • and more!

Throughout 55+ hours of video content, we’ll cover numerous aspects of the Vue ecosystem including:

  • Vue (including both Options API and the new Composition API in Vue 3)
  • Vuex
  • Vue Router
  • Testing with Vue Test Utils + Jest
  • Creating apps with Vue CLI
  • Styling components with Tailwind CSS
  • Adding type checking with TypeScript
  • Linting our code with ESLint
  • Formatting our code with Prettier
  • and more!

Another aspect that makes the course special is its emphasis on testing. We’ll discuss how to unit test our Vue applications using the Jest and Vue Test Utils libraries. We’ll also walk through various testing methodologies, including test-driven development (TDD).

Vue Masterclass offers you an incredible, comprehensive introduction to the powerful Vue library. I’m super excited to build this project together with you and I can’t wait to see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Frontend developers eager to learn a modern library for building reactive interfaces
  • React/Angular developers curious to try an alternative view library


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (ES6 features)
  • Terminal

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