Translate Your iOS Apps: Add Language Adaptation to Apps in Xcode


Add support for different languages in your iOS apps. You’ll start by constructing a basic user interface that’s ready for multilingual support. Then add files with strings in different languages. Once you have the basics established, you’ll learn to translate via code and also via storyboard. All languages are auto-picked according to each users’ system settings. So that your users will always be interacting with your app in their native lan-guage. Adding support for multiple languages and adaptability to your apps will help reach wider audiences of users in different countries. Grow your userbase and support a more diverse and inclusive world!

What You’ll Learn

  • Create simple UIs via storyboard
  • Add strings in different languages
  • Set app languages to the system device settings

Who This Video Is For

  • Intermediate to advanced Swift developers creating iOS apps with the expectation of a global audience.

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