Software Testing Interview Questions with Answers


In this course, a good number of Software Testing Interview Questions are answered with detailed answers.

The below are few questions answered:

  1. Why do you want to pursue your career in the field of Software Testing?
  2. Please explain your nature, habits, or likes that you think you are the right candidate for the Software Testing?
  3. Why should we perform Software Testing?
  4. What is Software Testing?
  5. What are the features you check before you purchase a mobile?
  6. What do you mean by quality?
  7. What do you mean by performance?
  8. Can you write possible test cases for a Pencil?
  9. How do you test OTP (One Time Password) Feature in Applications?
  10. What are the essentials of Software Testing?
  11. What is required for tester to know before testing Software Applications?
  12. What are Desktop Applications?
  13. How to test Desktop Applications?
  14. What are Web Applications?
  15. How to test Web Applications?
  16. What are Anomalies in Software?
  17. What are the Types of Defects in Software Applications
  18. How many different ways you can test Software?
  19. What is expected from the testing team on testing a Software Application?
  20. What is Unit Testing?
  21. What is Sanity Testing?
  22. What is Smoke Testing?
  23. What is Exploratory Testing?
  24. What is Integration Testing?
  25. What is System Testing?
  26. What is Interface Testing?
  27. What is Regression Testing?
  28. What is Alpha Testing?
  29. What is Beta Testing?
  30. What is Performance Testing?
  31. What is Load Testing?
  32. What is Stress Testing?
  33. What is Security Testing?
  34. What is Static Testing?
  35. What is Dynamic Testing?
  36. What is Compatibility Testing?
  37. What is Reliability Testing?
  38. What is Compliance Testing?
  39. What is Localization Testing?
  40. What are Test Cases? 
  41. What columns are present in Test Case Template?
  42. What columns are important in Test Case?
  43. What Test Case Management Tools have you used?
  44. What is Use Case?
  45. Explain Main Elements of Use Case
  46. What is Test Scenario?
  47. What are Positive Test Cases?
  48. What are Negative Test Cases?
  49. What is Behavior Driven Development (BDD) ?
  50. What is Acceptance Testing?
  51. What is Vulnerability Testing?
  52. What is Black Box Testing?
  53. What is White Box Testing?
  54. What is Grey Box Testing?
  55. What are the different levels of Software Testing?
  56. Explain Integration Testing of modules in real life example?
  57. What is Top Down Integration Testing Approach?
  58. What are Stubs?
  59. What is Bottom Up Integration Testing Approach?
  60. What are Drivers?
  61. What is UI Testing or GUI Testing?
  62. What is Functional Testing?
  63. What is Non-Functional Testing?
  64. What is Requirements Traceability Matrix?
  65. What is the link between Requirements Traceability Matrix and Defects?
  66. What are the different techniques used in Test Design?
  67. Explain Equivalence Class Partition with example?
  68. Explain Boundary Value Analysis with example?
  69. Explain Decision Table with example?
  70. Can you explain Defect Life Cycle (Bug Life Cycle)?
  71. What is Defect Severity?
  72. What is Defect Priority?
  73. What is the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control?
  74. What is the difference between Inspections and Audits?
  75. What is Bug Taxonomy?
  76. What is Quality Assessment Measurement?
  77. What is Test Management?
  78. What is Test Maturity Model?
  79. What is Capability Maturity Model ?
  80. What is Forward Traceability Matrix?
  81. What is Spillover in Agile Scrum?
  82. What is DOR in Agile Scrum?
  83. What is DOD in Agile Scrum? 
  84. What is Backward Traceability Matrix?
  85. What is Bi-Directional Traceability Matrix?
  86. What is Software Testing Life Cycle?
  87. What is Requirement Specification Document?
  88. What are APIs?
  89. What is API Testing?
  90. What is Webservices Testing?
  91. What is the duration of the Sprint?
  92. What is Product Backlog Refinement?
  93. What are different SDLC Models?
  94. What is the difference between Agile and Scrum?
  95. What is Pesticide Paradox?
  96. What are different Agile Methodologies?
  97. What is Defect Clustering?
  98. What are Scrum Ceremonies?
  99. What is Acceptance Criteria?
  100. What is Sprint Goal?
  101. What is Product Vision in Scrum?
  102. What is Sprint Zero?
  103. What is Spike in Agile Scrum?
  104. What is Velocity in Agile Scrum?
  105. What is Burn-down Chart?
  106. What is the difference between Regression Testing and Retesting?
  107. What is the difference between Sanity Testing and Retesting?
  108. What is a difference between Debugging and Unit Testing?
  109. What are the other names for White Box Testing?
  110. What are the other names for Black Box Testing?
  111. What are the different types of White Box Testing?
  112. What will happen if a Defect is found in Production?
  113. What is the difference between Integration Testing and System Testing?
  114. What is Hotfix?
  115. What are the various contents of Test Plan?
  116. What is Prototyping?
  117. What are the different types of Prototypes?
  118. What are the different SDLC Phases?
  119. What kind of reviews are conducted during SDLC?
  120. What is Walkthrough?
  121. What are Inspections?
  122. What are Code Reviews?
  123. What is Pair Programming?
  124. What are Technical Reviews?
  125. What are Software Testing Metrics?
  126. What is Defect Density?
  127. What is Defect Leakage?
  128. What is Defect Removal Efficiency?
  129. Do you know the formulas used for calculating different Software Testing Metrics?
  130. What is the role of Metrics in Software Testing?
  131. What is Manual Testing?
  132. What are key challenges while testing a Software Application?
  133. What is Automation Testing?
  134. What is the advantage of using any Bug Tracking Tool?
  135. What is Positive Testing?
  136. Explain about Usability Testing?
  137. What is Negative Testing?
  138. What are different defect attributes?
  139. What is Retesting?
  140. Explain V Model?
  141. What is Ad-hoc Testing?
  142. What is Buddy Testing?
  143. What is Pair Testing?
  144. What is the difference between Buddy Testing and Pair Testing?
  145. What is Confirmation Testing?
  146. What is the difference between HLD and LLD?
  147. What is Monkey Testing?
  148. What is Gorilla Testing?
  149. What is Fuzz Testing?
  150. What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization?

And many more questions answered.

Who this course is for:

  • For the ones who are preparing for and attending Software Testing Interviews


  • Software Testing Basic Knowledge (Manual)

Last Updated 5/2022

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