Real World Testing


Welcome to Vue Mastery’s Real World Testing course, where we’ll explore what it takes to test a production-level Vue application.

In order to focus exclusively on testing vs building an app from scratch, we’ll be testing the app we’ve been building throughout the Beginner Path here on Vue Mastery. This means you should have already taken the following courses:

  • Real World Vue 3
  • State Management Fundamentals
  • Unit Testing Vue 3

If the code or concepts in this course are confusing or unfamiliar to you, I recommend revisiting this course after you’ve completed the courses that precede it.

Course Goals

We’ll start by integrating Jest and creating a user-centric Test Plan. Then, we’ll look at refactoring components to become more testable and move on to testing components that use Vue Router and Vuex. We’ll also implement reusable patterns for testing Vuex Stores. Along the way, we’ll gain an understanding of best practices to use so that you can build resilient, meaningful, yet concise, tests.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a well tested, production-grade application.

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