React with Test Driven Development


React is one of the most popular library for the client application development.

In this course we will be learning react by creating a web application with it. Also we will apply test driven development (TDD) methodology from beginning to the end.

while building this application, we will learn

  • client-side routing. we will apply our custom implementation then we will use react-router library
  • internationalization
  • global state management by using react’s context api and then replacing it with redux

and we will see

  • how test driven development works.
  • how it’s affecting our code qualityreusability
  • how it’s giving us the confidence about refactoring our implementation
  • how to avoid implementation details while creating tests

This course is purely built on practice. Each code piece we write, will be for our actual application implementation.

In each section we will gradually build our application. We will not jump ahead and add functionality not needed for that moment. We will implement one requirement at a time. Each implementation will bring the next requirement to us.

And following this practice, will help you to get a solid foundation about overall web application requirements and how to implement one of them with react by following test driven development methodology.

After completing the course, you will be able to use React in your next project and you will experience the benefits of test driven development.

Who this course is for:

  • Developer who want to learn React
  • Developers who want to see Test Driven Development in action


  • Experience with javascript is required

Last Updated 11/2021

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