React Testing Library Tutorial


This intermediate React Testing Library Tutorial training prepares software developers to improve your development time as well as your code stability using React Testing Library

Knowing how to test your code is the mark of a professional and an expert. Although it’s important to know how to write tests into your code, it’s also good to know the tools and resources that are available to you that can speed up the process. If you code in React, you should know about the React Testing Library, which this training covers. This course in the React Testing Library will walk you through the literal library of testing functions that React has to do your testing for you.

After finishing this open-source training, you’ll know how to improve your development time as well as your code stability using React Testing Library.

For anyone who leads a technology team, this open-source training can be used to onboard new software developers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as an open-source reference resource.

React Testing Library Tutorial: What You Need to Know
This React Testing Library Tutorial training has videos that cover topics including

Using the React Test Library to speed up your development and improve your tests
Testing your DOM elements and events for errors
Refactoring tests to use context
Writing Jest tests

Who Should Take React Testing Library Tutorial Training?
This React Testing Library Tutorial training is considered specialist-level open-source training, which means it was designed for software developers. This programming skills course is designed for software developers with three to five years of experience with React best practices.

New or aspiring software developers. If you’re brand new to software development, learning how to test your code is – admittedly – a lot like eating your veggies. It’s not a fun or exciting part of development, but testing is a crucial step in creating robust, professional apps, and this course teaches you how to use React’s testing library to do a lot of your testing for you.

Experienced software developers. If you’ve been developing for a while now, this React Testing Library tutorial is a perfect course to take if you feel comfortable coding in React but haven’t had the chance to explore their library of testing resources. Get up to speed quickly on the React Testing Library and get back to coding with this course.

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