Python Automation for Network Engineers


This Python for Network Engineer course is really helpful for those who are looking to automate the network stuff while configuring the routers, switches and cisco asa firewall. I have used latest version of Python 3.8.

You will be able to know to setup some commands on more than one devices. You will learn to leverage the pre-existing python scripts to achieve the purpose.

Initially you will learn to use the telnet library/module, after that Paramiko and Netmiko modules will be used for SSH cryptography.

You will learn to configure

1. Single router using telnetlib

2. Multiple routers using telnetlib

3. Single Switch using telnetlib

4. Single Switch with multiple Vlans using For loop

5. Multiple Switches using double For loop.

6. Cisco ASA firewall using telnetlib

7. Taking Backup of configuration of switches in files.

8. Steps to download PIP, Paramiko, Netmiko

9. Configuring Router using Paramiko for SSH

10. Configuring Switch using Paramiko for SSH

11. Configuring Router using Netmiko

12. Configuring Router by referencing to file

13. Configuring multiple Vlans in Switch using Netmiko

14. Setup multiple switches with multiple Vlans using Netmiko

and many more

With this course, you will understand that you can configure any networking device using Python 3.8. Since this is the latest version, so you will see changes in the syntax of scripts.

I have uploaded all scripts in the Resources section of each lecture. You can download and run. You will get very good knowledge in implementing these scripts in your daily usage.

In case you are not happy with the course, you can refund with in 30 days as per Udemy Policy.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are working as Network Engineers and looking to automate network stuff


  • Students should have very good understanding of Cisco Networking
  • Students should have experience of 3-5 years on working Cisco Routers and Switches
  • GNS3 and GNS3 VM download and installation is the responsibility of student, however , I have one lecture which will guide on this.

Last Updated 7/2021

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