Presentation Mastery With Microsoft PowerPoint


The ability to communicate ideas, visions, goals, plans, information and knowledge in an effective way, is the ultimate goal of presentation software as a communication tool.

Presentation skill is an important skill when it comes to being computer literate, it’s also an important communication skill anyone should have when it comes to computer and digital skills needed to thrive in a computer and digital enabled world we live in today.

This course is designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and skills on designing, formatting and delivering a presentation

You will learn the following in this course:

Understand the concepts of presentation software and different types of presentation software out there

Discover tips to creating and designing effective presentation

Learn how to build slides for your presentation from scratch with Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn how to format content on a slide

Learn how to apply transitions to slide

Learn how to apply animation to your slide

And lot more

Note: To make this course accessible for free here at Udemy for a limited time only, this course content needs to be limited to 2 hours, by enrolling in this course today you will have access to the full course content which contains more in-depth tips and guide on creating and delivering effective presentations once the full course is updated

Looking forward to walking with you on this journey to mastering Presentation

Who this course is for:

  • Graduate and undergraduate who wants to learn presentation skills to increase employment opportunity in a computer enabled work environment
  • Professionals who want to be proficient in using Presentation to communicate their ideas
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, Coaches or trainers who want to be skilled using Presentation to communicate their ideas
  • Teenagers or secondary school student who want to develop one of the in demand skills in academics and work today


  • Basic Computer operational skill
  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer to practical guide and action steps
  • Determination and commitment to learning new skills
  • Ability to follow instructions and guides

Last Updated 11/2021

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