MERN Stack Bootcamp – Zero to Hero in One Course


Do you want to become a MERN stack developer? MERN stack stands for MongoDB Express React and Node.

These are the most in demand and most used tools in the current market to build any type of web apps. As a MERN stack developer, you will learn everything about backend frontend designing developing planning choosing the right infrastructure deploying and maintaining the project even after it’s deployed to the real world by keep updating and adding more features… even improving the search engine optimization to build a successful project for the real world. I forgot to mention realtime.. yes you will learnt to use socket-io to implement realtime features too.

To be honest.. you will gain all the knowledge to become a Tech lead, not just a good developer, who can manage a team of developers and give them different tasks to complete the project.

The reason I am saying this is because you will understand the project from the ground up. You will plan the project, code from scratch, face the challenges and make necessary changes along the way so that it is performing great, scaling indefinitely and easy to maintain and grow in the long run.

Really, this bootcamp is all you need to become the very best in web development using MERN stack. This can truly become a career changing course that can take your skill sets to a whole new level.

It took me many years to gain all this knowledge from hundreds of books, videos and thousands of hours coding and thinking and exploring the best ways to build the best MERN stack apps.

Now here I am, putting all that knowledge in one big course so that you don’t have to spend years trying to learn the very best of web development. It’s all here, packed in one course for you.

Ready to embark on this exceptional journey of becoming a professional MERN stack developer all the way from scratch? Click that Enroll button and join me in this bootcamp. See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:

  • A Full Stack / MERN Stack Web Developer Bootcamp to anyone with basic understanding of programming


  • Basic Understanding JavaScript or any other programming language

Last Updated 8/2021

Total Size: 11.6 GB

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