Learning Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin is a form of money that only exists online. It’s making headlines around the world, but many people don’t really understand how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work. In this course, Tom Geller demystifies bitcoin, revealing the promise and perils of the crypto economy. First, Tom explains what bitcoin is, how it creates an unchangeable ledger, how it compares to traditional money, and how to contextualize the energy expended in keeping bitcoin secure. Next, he explains how to get started by creating a cryptocurrency wallet, buying and selling cryptocurrency, and protecting your transactions. He discusses other top cryptocurrencies and the full-featured programming languages behind some cryptocurrency networks, then explains how derivative assets such as NFTs figure into the landscape. Finally, Tom covers how to track a cryptocurrency payment’s passage precisely, examines threats to cryptocurrency, and goes over connecting with others in cryptocurrency communities.

Released 5/5/2022

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