Learn Python By Solving 100+ Problems


This is not a standard video course teaching you hours of theory that you might forget a few months later. This course aims to teach through practice, problems to cover all the basics of Python and to put you on course to become a Python developer. Each problem we solve will have 3 steps: Do it yourself, where you attempt or solve the problem. This is the most important part of the 3 step process because once you use your brainpower to solve it, you put some effort into finding a way to solve it, it will stay with you forever and you will be more likely to be able to solve similar problems even harder. Idea, is the step where l come to help to give you some clues of how it needs to be done and what are the mechanisms behind solving it efficiently. Code, the step where l write the code to solve it and l explain step by step how it works.

No previous experience is required as all the theory is covered for each chapter. If you never experienced programming before this is the chance to start it in a stimulating and exciting way. If you are already familiar with the basics then this course can be a refresh, a place where to test your knowledge.

The course is still in development, next chapters will be added soon.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Python beginners that want to learn with hands on problems rather than long theory classes.
  • People that maybe know the Python basics but lack the problem solving skills.(all theory required to solve the problems will be in lessons)


  • No programming experience needed, you wil learn every bit of theory as we go along.
  • A computer, but most of this course can also be done on a phone with Pydroid installed.

Last Updated 10/2021

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