Introduction to User Experience Design


Happy users are a company’s biggest advocates. Every interaction a user has with a website or an app contributes to the user experience. Introduction to User Experience Design LiveLessons uncovers the opportunities and processes to creating exceptional user experiences to delight your users.

This course is for anyone involved with the creation of websites or apps that are used by end users. It focuses on the web page, app experience, showing various website examples that are either viewed in a browser or as screenshots, illustrating effective design and considering multiple ways to interact with a site based on different motivations.

About the Instructor

Nick DeNardis oversees the digital communications at Wayne State University, where he is responsible for the overall user experience strategy across the public-facing digital properties. With 20 years of experience working on the web, Nick has led creative teams to produce seamless digital experiences, is a speaker and organizer of national conferences for web and marketing professionals, and a local meetup organizer. Nick has a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS) with a focus on information management. Nick has taught web development at the University of Washington, is an IAAP certified professional in web accessibility, and is an executive producer for TEDxDetroit.

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate

What You Will Learn

Understand what makes a website/app usable
Learn common patterns that users look for
Measure the success of a site/app
Perform A/B tests to increase the usability of a site/app
Sell design or implementation changes to team members based on data

Who Should Take This Course

  • Primary: Web developers, UI designers, UX designers
  • Secondary: Web product managers

Course Requirements

  • Basic comfort level creating web sites or apps, or have a high level understanding of the process.

Total Size: 16 GB

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