Intro to Pandas


Learn how to work with data using Pandas and NumPy. From loading and reading datasets from different sources to plotting graphs and exploring common problems in data. Pandas will allow you to perform transformations and export your data into different formats, and NumPy will boost your ability to work with numerical data. This course is meant for beginners that want to understand Pandas from the start and find more about NumPy.

All lessons and videos have accompanying GitHub Repositories with example code.

Reference GitHub Repository

In this course you will learn to:

  • Load and export data from different sources
  • Manipulate data in datasets
  • Apply functions and transform columns
  • Query for specific data
  • Perform common operations on NumPy arrays


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  • Pytest Master Class
  • Python Bootcamp for Data
  • Practical MLOps book

Released 8/2022

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