Design Thinking : the fundamentals


  • Complete program on Design Thinking

This training is an introduction to Design Thinking in the business world.

In this training, I share with you the principles and methodologies of Design Thinking, creativity and innovation.

My goal through this training is to help you boost your creativity through the Design Thinking method.

You will learn the different steps to carry out a project according to the Design Thinking method.

You will discover how to identify the needs of your customers, whether through questionnaires or by creating an avatar.

Furthermore, you will discover methods for finding ideas in a structured way.

Finally, you will learn how to create prototypes and test them.

You will also find examples and practical exercises to illustrate each point.

Here are some testimonials from my course participants:

Jamal Lazaar is very competent in his training, he provides clear working methods to be successful. I recommend this course for those who question themselves. Excellent course!“. Landry

You can’t help but be motivated and have confidence in yourself after this course. Thank you Jamal“. L. Naraine

“Simple, concise and concrete. Thanks!” Dave


Why join this training course on Design Thinking?

Would you like to learn how to create innovative products?

Would you like to create products that meet the real needs of your users?

Or would you like to implement the Design Thinking methodology in your company?

This training is for you!

The Design Thinking approach has been fashionable for several years now. It is used by large companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft. But what is it? How to use it ? And how to put it into practice?

In a world where competitiveness is increasingly fierce, it is no longer enough to create innovative products, you have to stand out.

Nowadays, products must meet the specific needs of end users as closely as possible. This is exactly the role of the Design Thinking method.

Whether you are a developer, functional analyst, designer or product manager, knowing this methodology can make the difference in your results and those of your company.

You don’t have to guess, here are just a few skills you will learn in this training:

  • Discover the key stages of the Design Thinking method
  • Understand the real needs of your customers
  • Apply Design Thinking to solve your problems creatively
  • Boost innovation and creativity in your organization
  • Find ideas more easily
  • Create and test your prototypes before launching your product
  • Create and use storyboards to present your ideas
  • And much more

This is not a theoretical course, I share with you techniques that you can immediately apply. Throughout the training, you will find practical exercises to immediately apply what you learn.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the Buy now button and learn how to apply Design Thinking today.

Who this course is for:

  • This training is for you if you want to discover Design Thinking.
  • If you want to unleash your creativity.
  • Or if you want to innovate in a structured way.


  • Be open-minded and ready to take action.

Last Updated 2/2022

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