Design & Code Twitter Home Page with JavaScript, CSS & Figma


In this course we will learn how to use the native web component technology to our advantage.

  • Design beautiful web components for Twitter using Figma
  • Transfer all those beautiful designs to front-end code using Lit JS
  • Code light & dark user interface for Twitter home page using JavaScript & Figma

Before we dive right into front-end coding, we will first design everything in Figma from scratch.

  • Not only will we design components in Figma, but also build a design system for our Twitter UI project
  • We will design reusable color, typography, & shadow styles
  • At the end, we transfer Figma styles to CSS variables

We will learn how to use Lit JS to develop native shareable components.

  • We will learn how to encapsulate our HTML and CSS into JavaScript classes using Lit JS
  • We will learn how to build simple future-ready native web components
  • We only use pure vanilla JavaScript to create customizable components and scope our CSS styles inside each of them

One of the best practices in front-end development is to reuse code as much as possible. However, transfering design to HTML markup tends to be complex.

  • We will use Lit JS to make our development life easy because it is built on top of native web component API
  • Since Lit JS uses native web component API, our development environment is simple yet powerful
  • That means we do not have to worry about Node Modules or JavaScript bundlers to convert our syntax to code

Who this course is for:

  • Designers who want to add Twitter Figma Project to their portfolio
  • Developers who want to transfer Figma components to code
  • Developers who want to create native custom components from scratch


  • Advance knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Intermediate understanding of Figma

Last Updated 4/2022

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