Clean Code for JavaScript


Here is a condensed course for people who don’t have 10 hours free and still want to improve their code.

After following this course of an hour you will be more confident about the readability of your code, and your codebase will be long-term and scalable because of the ease to read and change the code you wrote.

I talk about clean code for every part of javascript :

  • Variables (19min, available in preview)
  • Functions (24min)
  • Classes (12min)
  • Error handling (13min)
  • Comments (18min)

The first section about variables is fully in preview, so you can already learn from this course, if you like my style of teaching, then I will try to record other courses about precise JavaScript subject like this one.

My name is Bryan, I’m a french javascript developer and I firstly recorded this course in french but then decided to also do it in english so everyone could quickly improve their code whatever their language.

I already created a lot of courses, on Udemy or on my own platform, but this one is the first I do in english, so please don’t expect a perfect english vocabulary, I tried my best !

Finally, I hope this course will benefit you as you expected.

Thank you for reading.

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript developers


  • Having one hour of free time

Last Updated 4/2022

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