Build Youtube with React


Learn how to build and deploy a full YouTube clone with React, Node, and more

Gain expert skills to build and deploy an awesome React app.

An epic tutorial that walks you through the process of building your own awesome YouTube web app built with React and Node.

It doesn’t take weeks or months to do something great with React. In just a few days, you can learn the tricks to start building your own awesome, ready-to-go app.

And in that time, you will get more than just a great project. You will master a full set of powerful skills to create your own incredible applications, limited only by your imagination.

We will create a complete clone of the YouTube web application that looks and works like the real thing.

Along the way, we will master a range of powerful industry technologies, including:

  • Building a reliable and secure backend with Node.js;
  • Building a Fully Functional REST API with Express;
  • Adding custom app functionality with React Hooks;
  • Making Efficient Queries with React Query;
  • Dynamically loading images and videos with Cloudinary;
  • Easy login with Google OAuth;
  • Mastering JWT and Cookie Best Practices for Authentication;
  • Interacting with our Postgres database using Prisma;
  • Deploying Full Featured React + Node Applications with Heroku;
  • Still reading? It’s not even HALF of the skills you learn …

This course is designed for ambitious developers who:

  • Learn React, want to take skills to the next level and quickly increase their value as a developer;
  • Always want (but never knew) where to find the skills to build epic React apps;
  • Want to learn React well enough to kick-start their own business, online store, and app ideas;
  • Already familiar with HTML, CSS and JS, but you have a really exciting task ahead of you;
  • Previously, we have created several applications in React and want to see how to create such applications on our own.

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