Build Amazing Apps With ANGULAR and ASP.NET Core REST API


This is a complete guide to creating real-world highly scalable full-stack applications using ASP.NET CORE WEB API and ANGULAR.

In this course, you will be able to use your beginner and intermediate level knowledge of Angular and ASP.NET Core to build a real-world full-stack application from scratch and also deploy it to Azure.

Make your Angular and ASP.NET Core to use by developing a real-world application and make your concepts, even more, stronger by applying them in a real-world situation.

This Amazing Course covers a lot of best practices and tips and tricks every now and then that would make you a pro in developing full-stack web applications from scratch.

We will create a Student Admin Portal web application which will be a complete end-to-end admin app. On the front page, the Admin would be able to see the list of students and perform filtering, sorting, and pagination on the student’s table. We will have another page will be a generic page used to add a new student or update a new student.

In this course, you will start from scratch and create a REST API using ASP.NET CORE. You will learn how you can test your API using SWAGGER and POSTMAN.

During the course, you will learn to implement Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations.

You will learn how to use Entity Framework Core as an ORM tool to retrieve and persist data from a SQL SERVER database.

On the front end side of things, you will learn to build an Angular application from scratch. You will learn to add libraries and install Angular Material and Flexbox Grid as our CSS libraries.

We will create Angular components, understand how routing works in Angular and define our routes.

We will consume our Dotnet API and make HTTP calls from our UI to the API making CRUD operations.

In the end, we will publish our API to Microsoft Azure and our UI application to Google Firebase, thereby completing the entire lifecycle of a real-world application.

In this full-stack web application, you will learn

– How to create a new Angular app from scratch

– Installing Angular Material CSS Library

– Creating New Angular Components

– Use Angular Routing

– Create a Single Page App

– Share Angular components

– Using Angular Material for Pagination

– Table Sorting

– Table Filtering

– Angular Forms

– Angular Form Validations

– Uploading Images using Angular UI

– Make HTTP API Requests using Angular HTTP Client

– Create Angular Services

– Use Typesafe models and interfaces

– Publish Angular App to Google Firebase

We will create our web API using ASP.NET Core and we will learn the below

– Create ASP.NET Core Web API from scratch

– Install and Use Entity Framework Core in our API as an ORM

– Use SQL Server as our database

– Make use of Entity Framework Migrations to create tables and databases inside SQL Server database

– Create a new API Controller

– Use HTTP methods

– Use Repository Pattern

– Use Dependency Injection to inject services

– CRUD Operations (Create Read Update and Delete)

– Use Automapper to map models

– Use FluentValidation to validate request models

– Publish ASP.NET Core Web API to Microsoft Azure

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Developer with knowledge in ASPNET Core and ANGULAR


  • Hello world experience in ASPNET Core and Angular
  • Understand the basic concepts of HTML, CSS and Typescript
  • A passion to build amazing full stack applications

Last Updated 2/2022

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