Advanced NextJS WooCommerce REST API, TailwindCSS – Part-2


This is part two of the course “Advanced NextJS WooCommerce With REST API And TailwindCSS”
If you haven’t already please complete the previous part of the course first. It’s available under my courses.

What this course will cover:

  • How to create a react Application with next js framework.
  • This uses the WordPress REST API to pull the data and render on the front-end.
  • It uses the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.
  • We will learn:
    • Run a production build
    • Understanding Add to cart APIs
    • Writing functions for Add To Cart, View cart
    • Customizing Tailwind configuration
    • Using React Context API to store the cart data.
    • Add to Bag Features
    • Add To Cart
    • Get Cart
    • Update Cart.
    • Delete Cart
  • You will also learn how to add static Google Fonts with Tailwind CSS.
  • Creating cart page and displaying all the products with their title, description, product image etc.

Every developer has something to say about WordPress, and it’s not always flattering. Far from it. However, even its most avid detractors are forced to take notice of this feature, because it has already transformed the way we use the popular CMS.

WordPress REST API is a huge step forward for frontend developers looking to combine the power of JavaScript frameworks like React (or Vue.js) with WordPress.

This is exactly what I want to do today with this demo of the WordPress REST API in the work.
WordPress can now be used as a headless CMS with WooCommerce.

This offers a whole new world of possibilities for developers, as the frontend of WordPress doesn’t need to be “WordPress”—PHP-generated views. The ever-growing number of frontend frameworks can now be hooked up to a WordPress backend to develop websites and applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript

Last Updated 4/2022

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