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This course, “Home Automation using Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 and OpenHAB” is for anyone who wants to build some amazingly cool Home Automation gadgets using Raspberry Pi. Since it is an advanced course, the learner needs to have a basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi, Linux commands, and fundamental electronic circuit connections. However, it is recommended to undertake our previous course on “Introduction to Raspberry Pi” and “Home Automation using Raspberry Pi” before subscribing to this course.

The learner will be exposed to the cutting-edge of technologies in Internet of Things and Home Automation. The ESP8266 is a wonder chip which can connect the sensors to Wifi. Thus, one can connect to all the sensors and output devices remotely using Wifi network and thereby making one’s home, a hub of several automated systems, controlled using a single Raspberry Pi.

The learner will also master the open source home automation platform, OpenHAB. OpenHAB provides the environment to build a User Interface for Home automation devices. The user need not create web servers to serve web pages and develop own interfaces for each system. There is a single platform to provide UI that can control all the devices right from the Smartphone. 

In this course, the learner will learn how to build an Remote Temperature and Humidity Measurement System. A simple gadget one can have at their home to know temperature and humidity for any remote location inside house just using their smartphone. Also the learners will learn to build an Letter box Alert System. By installing this simple home automation gadget in their postbox, the learners can track the arrival of letters into their letterboxes. Thus making their letter boxes to listen and respond. 

The complete system is subdivided into individual sections and explained with the utmost detail so that it is easy to understand. It also explains the possible applications for such a system and how the learner can customize for his/her home or office. Complete Linux commands and OpenHAB configuration files are also included so that the learner can easily replicate the system.

After completing this course, the learner will know to build kind of splendidly cool home automation stuff using these open source technologies. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to explore the applications of Raspberry Pi in the field of Home Automation and Internet of Things
  • Since it is not a beginner course, a basic knowledge on Raspberry Pi is necessary for taking this course.
  • If you are a beginner, please undertake our previous course on “Introduction to Raspberry Pi” and “Home Automation using Raspberry Pi” before subscribing to this course.


  • You should be competent in working with Raspberry Pi
  • You should know basic Linux shell commands
  • You should know basic wiring of electrical and electronic components

Last Updated 7/2021

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